Caring for You

Are you a practicing physician or a medical student/intern/resident, just trying to keep it all together? Are you afraid – some days – that you’re losing it? Do you wonder if when you finally get through all of your training, or your day’s quota of patients and crises and critical decisions that you will one day come home, and … your own family will be falling apart? Or – you will be falling apart?  I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. That is partly why I went on, after earning my MD degree, to get a Master Degree ‘s in Counseling, as well. Now I understand more about what goes on when we are overwhelmed with demands on us, when we are sleep-deprived, when we are simply in over our heads – and yet we must keep going on. Because I’ve been there, I can empathize from a true place of understanding.

In Pamela Wible, MD’s July 17, 2016 blog post,  How the word “burnout” perpetuates medicine’s cycle of abuse, Dr. Wible states, “Anger, grief, and depression are normal responses to a sick medical system that forces us to submit to inhumane working conditions. “Burnout” blames the individual. Physicians may then feel unfit for the profession they once loved. The most vulnerable among us may leave medicine. Some may consider suicide.”

We are a unique breed and the expectations placed on our us are enormous.  One minute we are caring for someone who is ill or dying and the next we are expected to have a pleasant bedside manner.  The dichotomy is astounding.  Should you need or want to focus on the emotional difficulties inherent in the medical profession, please contact me.  As a trained medical doctor I have first-hand experience with these situations and I understand how trying they can be.  I would like to help.

I am happy to meet in person, or via Skype or FaceTime.   I look forward to connecting.

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