Caring for Your Patients

I offer an innovative practice in Newton, MA, as well as online, via Skype or FaceTime. My goal is to offer supportive and adjunctive care to your patients as well as to free up some of your clinic time. Often physicians do not have enough extra time to devote to those patients who may have need for further discussion, mental health therapies, and empowerment strategiesthose needs may impact their physical and medical problems. I bring to the table a plethora of training and experience in medicine, counseling, expressive arts therapy, and life issues and I am able to utilize my skills to assist patients with whatever they most need at a given time. They will be your patients with whom I am working on specific issues.  To that end, I am also happy to collaborate in your office space should that best suit your patients’ needs.

My personal belief system is one of openness, acceptance, and a commitment to viewing humans as inherently good. Many people have the resources that will help them navigate life’s challenges. Some people, however, need or want extra support. Additionally, many women have very valid reasons for not understanding, accepting or even valuing their own sexuality. I am skilled at helping women work through areas of such conflict and to empower them to own their lives and their bodies to more fully move forward toward their own unique goals.

I look forward to collaborating with you and working with your patients.  Feel free to contact me.

Caring for Your Patients ⋆ Jill Becker, MD., MA., LLC.