Dr. Becker’s insights are creative and extremely helpful. She has been instrumental in my transformation by designing a clear pathway to my healing.

Her sensitive and caring techniques enabled me to unveil conflicts and deep issues that I needed to work on. Her gentle approach made it possible for me to address very sensitive and delicate matters that were holding me back.

My hope is that more people have the good fortune of finding Dr. Becker so that she can assist them in their journey towards wholeness.

~K. E.

I’ve always been a loner.  It has a lot to do with my childhood and I have lived much of my adult life in social isolation.  I do anything possible to avoid group settings in which I will be responsible for making small talk and trying to “fit in.”

I started spending time at Jill’s studio, just talking with her and sometimes working on my jewelry, and through getting to know her I began to feel a sense of comfort and a trust that I had probably never experienced in my adult life.  I began to open up about myself and some experiences in my life that had prevented me from being able to be intimate with anyone, and really not even knowing what intimacy meant.  There is still work to be done there, but what is so wonderful and beautiful about Jill Becker is that by spending time with her, and sometimes with a small group of women I’ve come to cherish, is that I feel happy and free, and I feel a sense of intimacy with myself that I have not experienced in my 49 years.  I also know how to feel comfortable sitting with women and talking about our lives, I feel included and welcome and “normal!”  I also possess a sense of confidence when I talk to people in a formal group setting now too, which is astounding!

This is what Jill does.  She just helps you get there.   Intimacy is easy to ignore or live without – but only until you begin to understand what a life filled with intimate connections can be like.  I thank Jill for helping me to understand the difference.

~B. B.

We underestimate how terribly important it is for women to be able to express and share our intimate narratives with other women.  This is especially true for those of us who feel shut down or have learned to repress our sensual inclinations.  Jill provides a safe and nurturing space where a woman can meet her one on one or with a shared community.  Where we might have thought ourselves alone, in the supportive environment that Jill creates, we are not; we are in good company.

~R. L.

The stress of work, children, and chores can make you lose site of yourself.  In Jill’s nurturing oasis, I reconnected with that side which needed to be visible.  With Jill’s guidance, I was able to learn the meditative aspect of creating to tap into my subconscious energy and voice that remained silent behind the every day drive to complete my to do lists.

~E. G.

Jill Becker is a wonderful human with great insight and compassionHer light and energy are so giving. She is fun, effervescent and so stinking intuitive. She is a treasure and any time spent with Jill is time well spent.


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